It all began when Mr. Juan Emilio Orlando, Customs agent and Foreign Trade Specialist began working for companies exporting honey in bulk, back in 2000. This allowed him to concentrate exclusively on this product and to understand the whole process in depth: from the production of the honey right up to its positioning on the market. And what is more, it also allows him to establish vital links with the main operators and exporters from all over the world.

After several years of research, and having a broad knowledge of the sector, in 2007 Mr. Juan Emilio Orlando founded Mieles del Sur, a Spanish company devoted to the import and export of honey in bulk. This company is responsible for implementing a comprehensive management strategy to ensure our product reaches customers and the industry as a whole, at both a national and international level, creating strategic business relationships which mean our customers stand out from their competitors

Our Mission

This is very clear: “To be a vital link in the supply chain to our
customers, adapting to their needs and
putting all our resources and knowledge at their disposal.”

Comprehensive Management

Our business links with the major operators in honey producing countries around the world mean that we offer our customers a significant competitive advantage. Furthermore, at Mieles del Sur we provide a comprehensive service, which includes:

Our strategy is based on a combination of
Efficiency + Commitment + Ethics
in order to achieve our primary goal of being “your honey partner supplier”